Antimicrobial resistance leadership program is such a great program. It has instilled more knowledge, skills in the area of antibiotics resistance. Most of antibiotic resistance topics were just on point; impact of the antibiotic, one health concept in the management of the silent global pandemic, were strong interesting topics to me. Initiated a strong interest to fight the misuse and the irrational use of the antibiotics in my community. I have realized that its everyone’s responsibility to promote the proper and safe use of the antibiotics, starting with me. The system thinking was an eye open to engage all the close authorities at the different levels so as to improve on the regulations and the control mechanism in the antibiotic use.

I have been involved in several farmer trainings through which mind set change over antibiotics use and dangers of misuse are always emphasized. Still even after AMRLEP, I am continuing with the sensitization of the farmers and the community over antibiotic resistance and the implications.

Therefore, it starts with me to stop the silent antibiotic resistance pandemic.