Our objective is to build a repository that can be you one-stop platform for all critical publications in the AMR sectors and elated fields. This is still work in progress. In the meantime, please check what we have managed to gather for you!

The ReAct Tool-Box

The ReAct Toolbox offers you with information, inspiration, and tools to take action on Antibiotic Resistance. It is a collection of educational resources for different cadres including teachers and school children!

The CIDRAP Multimedia Platform of a vast collection of multimedia that comprises of online courses, videos, Infographics, and, webinar recordings among other resources that are aimed at providing easy to understand information about Antimicrobial Resistance. The platform is updated every month with new resources. You can use the resources to enrich your knowledge about Antimicrobial Resistance and also educate others.

CIDRAP also has a weekly newsletter which is a round-map of top latest news, research, events, and opportunities about antimicrobial resistance and stewardship across the world.

The Revive is an education platform that is run by Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership. It is an online platform connecting and educating people with an interest in antibiotic research and development by sharing of information and learning materials.

This communication toolkit defines AMR and equips doctors and patients with key facts in an accessible format, and is free for anyone to use to raise AMR awareness in their communities. It can be tailored to a particular target group.