Akaka ALEX

ReAct AFRICA Team,

You have been a nice friend, mentor, mother, father and a blessing to me

For the period I have spent attending Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Leaders’ Program for Tertiary Students in Africa.

You may not know but I have been watching, listening and learning from your presentations and discussions with us.

I have learnt a lot from you, and I mean A LOT.

Thanks for always sharing with us your knowledge and experience on AMR,

Hearing your voices in class is always beautiful

You have always been unselfish, determined and focused at what you do.

Because of that heart that God has given you, that heart of love, that heart you have for the AMR;

You have fought for AMR that the world seems to neglect, even when plans are available!

First wait, I have also learnt, you are a team of integrity and character,

Something very rare to find in the society we live in today, just keep it up ReAct AFRICA Team, Don’t lose your integrity and character

Your love, integrity, character, knowledge and experience have inspired me,

I PROMISE to promote FIGHT against AMR at home, work places and communities.

For God and my Country!