Jimmy Nkaiwuatei

Jimmy Nkaiwuatei, is a final year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya, studying Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and molecular medicine.

AMR is one of the major health problems affecting humanity. Jimmy interest in AMR has been sparked by his passion in health Science research. He chose to engage in AMR research with a view to provide solutions to this pressing health issue. Besides, he does AMR stewardship to educate people about AMR and the challenges associated with it.

Following graduation from the AMRLEP, Jimmy had facilitated the SAS Africa Drug Research and Development webinar series which ran between August and December, 2021.
The webinars have been very educative to students as they have gained important and profound insights in drug (antimicrobials) research and development. There has been an increase in students’ participation in antimicrobials research and development and wonderful research projects have been developed by the students.
Jimmy is currently working on a project which involves isolation of antimicrobial peptides from Eurymerodesmus spp (millipedes) as alternative treatment against antimicrobial resistant infections.

Availability of potential speakers for the webinar series program was the major challenge. Also, time disparity was a hindrance to both the speakers and participants to attend the webinars. To solve this, all the sessions were scheduled on weekends to increase students’ attendance to the sessions. Also, some of the topics of discussion were made flexible for the speakers to choose their most convenient areas of expertise.

Students were so committed to mitigate AMR and they have shown a lot of passion in research. It is imperative to involve them in research and invention against AMR.

Leadership skills, project management skills, time management skills, communication skills.

Research mentorship and soft skills training.

Students are the future leaders, researchers and healthcare professionals. It is critical for them to utilize the knowledge gained in class to solve the current health issues such as AMR.

Gallery while engaging in AMR


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