Dr. Rabia Khan

With 20 years of experience working across the world, in both government and not-for-profit sectors, Dr. Rabia has been solving complex health problems – the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine hesitancy, antibiotic resistance, diabetes, air pollution, and even making our complex health systems work better. She has worked in big organizations like OECD, NHS, NSW Health, and The George Institute to create change. Her work has led to significant changes in the health of the population in Australia and globally. This includes reducing the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on the people living in Sydney, Australia, a decrease in antibiotic prescribing in Australia for the first time in 20 years, expanding coverage of emergency contraception services in England, and improvement in health services in stroke, cardiac, diabetes and mental health care in several countries. 

Dr. Rabia is a board member of TUFH – an international organization that fosters equitable community-oriented services and education with the goal of improving health locally and globally. She is the Founder of a social enterprise – Data Action Impact whose mission is to help purpose-driven organizations to increase their capacity for doing good by harnessing the power of data to make better decisions, take action and make an impact.

She works to solve the worlds pressing health problems, the big complex ones. She helps people to do more good, make better decisions and increase their impact to create real change. She works with people to create new knowledge by investigating health problems using data and evidence and build public health expertise globally by sharing knowledge and telling stories. The world is unfair and not equal. Her mission is to help change it so everybody enjoys good health regardless of the colour of their skin or where they live or how much money they have.