Wekoye Elizabeth

Key takeaways from the AMRLEP program

At the start of the course I the word Antimicrobial resistance was just a normal word but with the AMRLEP program I was able to appreciate the relevancy Antimicrobial resistance.

I appreciate the fact I was facilitated by the best facilitators that were speaking from an experience point of view. Many thanks goes to Julian Nyamupachitu and Daniel Waruingi for efforts made

The stewardship session awakened an interest to become an AMR steward, advocate for AMR and be an Antibiotic guardian.

I appreciated the one health approach which emphasizes efforts being focused on not only the wellbeing of man but to the environment and animals which can be achieved by engaging with key stakeholders esp. the different ministries, spearheading the importance of surveillance on AMR

I learnt soft skills of team building, effective communication and problem solving and also appreciated the need to do AMR research to check population behaviors on AMR

I do not have any Antimicrobial resistance work am doing. But upon completion I realized as a country we have the national action plans in place but there has not been any implementation and that is where I am going to begin. With creating awareness about Antimicrobial resistance through holding talk shows, using social media and collaborating with the Ministry of Health to create a platform to tackle AMR gaps.

I will collaborate with Makerere University- School of Public Health to establish a platform for conducting collaborative research on AMR, seek for partnership, and create an AMR center at the school that will be responsible with tackling gaps, developing awareness strategies and put in place proposed AMR interventions.

Personal Quote: Act now and Say no to Antimicrobial Resistance.