Veddie Muzondo

The summary for the AMRLEP

It has been an incredible time of learning through exposure and practise. Personally I had grey areas in as far as microbes, antimicrobial resistance, antibiotics and antibiotics resistance is concerned. With reference to the first lecture I was able understand the definitions of the items I have listed above. Not only was I able to understand their meaning but I was able to use each and every item correctly at where it was supposed to be used during learning microbiology studies at school, hosting antimicrobial forums at the club and teaching my peers and family about this topic at home. I realised in as far as people might not take heed of documentation, in the health sector it’s very important for surveillance purpose to enable research to take place accurately. I also started to have an appreciation on the importance of working in a sterile enviroment when dealing with patients as this can help to diminish the spread of antimicrobial resistance as justified Jenny Kostov Kenebjork when she mentioned of proper clothing, using disposals and disinfectants. Finally in as much as people neglect antimicrobial resistance it has a great impact on on economies if its left unattended.