Polikalipo Kagina

Key learning from antimicrobial resistance leaders program (AMRLEP)

Antimicrobial resistance is like a heating nuclear bomb inside a house called world, its effects are not localized but every group of population including animals, environment and human being experiences the outcomes. The bomb has already shown great harmful effects though there is no clear surveillance data of the problem. Lastly, there is no a powerful individual who can cool a heating bomb, however a combination of knowledge and efforts from each individual can do so.

 During my university holiday I was able to organize a project titled tell them to tell them project against antimicrobial resistance conducted in Nyakahura rural ward with inclusion of Nyakahura secondary school. The project went well with the idea of introducing a funny learning approach in dealing with complex global problem as antimicrobial resistance.

During world awareness week we are planning to host a session with collaboration of other one health clubs and stakeholders including Muhimbili university one health innovation club (SOHIC) and COHASO.

In another project as a part of AMRLEP I wish to engage in a project with a title multi-university antimicrobial resistance summit and a general themeidentify your position and responsibility in curbing AMR from January 2022. This will include a series of physical conferences from various university students.