It was a great opportunity to be part of Antimicrobial Resistance Leaders Program For Tertiary Students in Africa, I  enjoyed program. Being an inter-professional program with students from different countries made this program to be effective in bringing ideas to tackle antimicrobial resistance.l no longer view antimicrobial resistance as a clinical problem only but as a multifaceted problem that needs health, environment, agriculture, and the financial sector to collaborate. I have been equipped with scientific knowledge behind antimicrobial resistance and also how to design and plan projects.In one of the session, Dr Mirfin Mpundu said that antimicrobial resistance is not a future problem but it is a present challenge that needs urgent action.

“The same way world leaders come together and hold meetings on climate change so must it be also for antimicrobial resistance because it is a global health threat. Without the involvement of political powers, antimicrobial resistance will bring  catastrophic consequences”

 lnnocent Njazi