Hereby say that I have learnt allot through this course on antimicrobial resistance and its of great honor that am part of this movement because both I and my community really need this information but just couldn’t get access maybe because our government isn’t that serious about the subject matter making us unaware of the situation we are in in the current antibiotic error.

  1. I have learnt that except the issue of excess, our bigger problem is access to the antibiotics which results into under dosage and also sharing of these drugs under certain circumstances and so leaving space to resistant genes developing in the microorganisms and hence transfer from one person to another or animal to animal or even to the plant community from animals
  2. Improper disposal or antibiotics which go into our environment and so causing harm which is directly dangerous to us and our surrounding
  3. Low levels of sensitization by the government and other organizations that handle the above danger
  4. Improper or out dated education curriculums across the continent which concentrates on studying the past sciences forgetting ones that are taking place right in front of us
  5. Low levels of motivation among the medical communities and those aware about the subjecy6 matter to spread and teach those in the communities who might not have gotten the chances to obtain the knowledge etc

Possible solutions

  1. To me, the most important thing is creating awareness among the people first
  2. Encouraging medics and government to increase their effort in making drugs available and regulating their use
  3. Establishing proper drug dumping sites where the authority can discard them accordingly
  4. Provision of accurate day to day drug mechanisms to the people so that we all know the magnitude of the difficulty we are facing here
  5. Introduction of the subject matter to the schools across Africa to create more interests from the younger generation