The AMRLEP programme has been a very informative and educative platform and through it I have learnt a lot in the fight against the growing threat against antimicrobial resistance. I have learnt about aspects such as the one health approach in the fight against AMR and about the multi sectorial approach in this fight. I got to interact with fellow students from other African countries and got to learn about how the fight against AMR is in these African countries through their national action plans and how these national action plans can be implemented into actions.

I have therefore decided to get involved in spreading awareness about AMR to the community and through social media since it is one of the tools that can reach many people over a short time. As a pharmacy student and a future pharmacist, I need to be a guardian of medicine and that involves playing a part in the fight against Antimicrobial resistance. I therefore thank ReAct Africa and SAS AFRICA for this opportunity and the knowledge imparted in me.

 “Antimicrobial resistance: the silent tsunami” as said by Mr Otto of ReAct Africa.