Key takeaways from the program.

Being a part of this program has helped me realise a lot that I’ve been doing wrong and being an agent of Antimicrobial Resistance in one way or another and also taught me more about AMR and even some topics under AMR that totally knew nothing about.

In summary I’ve learnt about:

  • how great a burden Antimicrobial Resistance is to our health systems and economies at large
  • One-health approach; which is a subject I didn’t know at all before joining AMRLEP.
  • the difference between Antimicrobial Resistance and antibiotic resistance
  • how humans play the biggest role in the rise of AMR
  • the role of the environment in spreading AMR.
  • what I can do to reduce or slow down AMR
  • the dilemma of access and excess of antibiotics
  • the role of animal medicine in the rise and spread of AMR.

AMR work I have been engaged in or intend to do.

  • Engaging myself in Antimicrobial Resistance Research
  • I intend to collaborate with my college course association (Makerere University Biomedical Sciences Students Association) to form an antimicrobial resistance club.
  • Getting vaccinated where possible to prevent infection thus decreasing the use of antimicrobials.
  • creating awareness about AMR in my community by teaching the locals about bacteria and antibiotic resistance
  • Obtaining a diagnosis from the trusted healthcare providers whenever I’m ill
  • Avoiding self-medication