The irrational use of antimicrobials including antibiotics world-wide has led to a global epidemic of antimicrobial resistance. Microbes resistant to some of the most effective antibiotics have emerged. Drug-resistant superbugs cause approximately 700, 000 deaths every year and with the slow rate of discovery of new antimicrobials, we might lose all available antimicrobial medications to resistance.

Clinical diagnosis before prescription of drugs to reduce unnecessary use, proper sanitation and hygiene practices, training of healthcare staff in Infection, Prevention and Control are some of the simple ways to reduce the burden of the ‘brewing’ AMR Tsunami. Also, the uptake of the One-Health approach against AMR must be highly considered as superbugs that affect animals are now affecting human beings. The world is a Global Village where everything is interconnected and spread of superbugs across the globe takes a very short time hence vigorous actions are required.

I am creating awareness through conversations with family, friends and classmates together with the use of social media about AMR and how it can be prevented. I look forward to having my dissertation incorporating AMR so as to provide scientific evidence for the need to quickly act against the Tsunami.

QUOTE: Action against AMR starts with me!

Thank you so much for this great opportunity.