First and foremost I would like to show great appreciation for the g opportunity offered to work together throughout this program. There has been so much learning and growth that has come from this program in the past months. It has greatly expanded the knowledge I had on antimicrobial resistance. Especially to how it affects all of us as a globe, the effects in one part of the world have an impact on all the other parts of the world. This program  has not only taught us on antimicrobial resistance but also on various leadership skills that can be used to build teams that can help us spread awareness and reduce the wide spread of resistant microorganisms.

My particular interest has been in drug development as this is an emergency and the process is long hence there is need to start now. I hope to work with this team to fight AMR through this path.

“Be the change you want to see, things will only move if we get up and work together to move them”