I would like to first of all convey my sincere thanks to ReAct Africa for offering me such a good learning experience. I have gained skills, knowledge about AMR, its effect, mitigation measures to apply. I have also got to know about the difficulties prescribers go through and now I can report that I am fully empowered to advocate for prevention of AMR.

At my work place, I will embark on using a “ONE HEALTH APPROACH” which entails involving various stakeholders in the management of a health problem.   I, together with other stakeholders will put our efforts towards empowering the communities with knowledge and skills on how to deal with AMR challenges. This is because I have noted that it’s a big challenge among our communities. Back at work we shall conduct regular continuous medical training for the health staff to update their knowledge on AMR. Personally, I have been buying drugs without doctor’s prescription whenever I feel unwell, but from this training my practices have totally changed, special thanks to ReAct for transforming lives.

Slogan; “Remember change starts with you and me