Mwanda Genatiyo

This is a phenominone where the antibiotics fail to effectively exact their antimicrobial activities on the microbs they used to effectively work on. It is a silent pandemic associated with increasing rise of superbugs. It immediately started after the discovery of the first antibiotics, penicillin. This global burden is majorly due to the increased misuse and overuse of antibiotics in humans, livestock and plants. In many areas mostly those in the developing countries, there are different situations were clients do self prescription, take underdose, buy medications from incompetent pharmacists, share their doses with their relatives, take unnecessary medications sometimes among others. This is true even in livestock. After healing, the excess medicine are improperly disposed off in the environment.  Therefore, for  evective management of AMR, a one health approach should be followed. It is everyone’ s responsibility to fight. This means that animals, humans and the environment are equally paid attention to.

AMR awareness message:

Strictly buy antibiotics from authorized health personnels. Antibiotics should only be prescribed to patients who are in need of them. Where possibl, laboratory investigations should guide diagnosis, patient management and care.