First, I would like to thank ReAct Africa for the great learning opportunity. I have gained knowledge to understand the magnitude of AMR, its impact, need for immediate action as well as the measures to mitigate and slow down the spread. I have also been enlightened on the challenges the clinical teams face when prescribing antimicrobials and I have been empowered to be an ambassador against AMR.

I will focus on creating awareness because I have noted that majority of the people are unaware about the problem. I will on a regular basis engage my team at work in CME’s on the topic of AMR and also emphasize the IPC as a way of preventing spread in the hospital where I work. Besides my place of work, I intend to use every platform to talk to fellow parents especially those with younger children about the risks of misusing antimicrobials. I personally used to buy a dose of antibiotics for one child and share it among all his siblings but when I learnt about the associated risks from this class, I stopped immediately and intend to help other people stop the vice that may imply greater problems for the future generation.