Moses walijjo

Enrolling for a 5 months AMLEP program was indeed timely for me. This came in a period when we are in Covid-19 pandemic to equip us with skills and knowledge to address more covid –like situations pandemics either already in existence or to come in the near future.  Antimicrobial resistance is a silent Tsunami and is of a public health importance since a lot of resistant strains are emerging and hence leaving no or few options to manage the common bacterial infections. This means if we never check our systems and the way we do things time will come when there are few or no options as just like it has happened with COVID-19 has done to the world.  Use of knowledge and skills such as one health approach, systems thinking, project planning among others acquired through AMLEP program, this makes confident and well equipped to be on the frontline of fighting antimicrobial resistance in our resource strained settings. Quote: One Health Approach literally means together we can fight AMR