“Creating a future of working antibiotics”, yes! A notion inspired by ReAct Africa’s short course. The few months have been so interactive and educative in the sense of curbing the silent pandemic; AMR. From learning antibiotic basics and classes to resistance mechanisms to antibiotic alternatives.  Little did I know AMR has no boundaries, trade and urbanization among the factors for its spread. Talking about AMR, one cannot fail to mention One Health, a major way of curbing yet its major driver.Other learning outcomes include NAP inspired by GAP, design thinking, project management and soft skills like branding.

The number one thing I’m doing after the course is spreading awareness about AMR. This will aim at impacting knowledge, attitude and practices towards the use and handling of antibiotics. First and foremost, AMR can best be curbed from grass root level. As the saying goes “one by one makes a bundle”; what an individual does impacts the whole world. These activities will include seminars, workshops etc.

“Creating a future of working antibiotic”– inspired by ReAct Africa.