Key learning from antimicrobial resistance leaders program (AMRLEP)

Antimicrobial resistance is like unknown enemy inside our house which kill silently cooperating with known outside enemies called microbes, A silent tsunami explode and heat in every corner including animals, environment and human being experiences the outcomes. Has shown great harmful effects though there is no clear surveillance data of the problem. Let put hand together to curb the problem, and everyone has role to play, however a One Health approach is the best approach.

During world awareness week we are planning to host a session with collaboration of other one health clubs and stakeholders including student one health innovation club (SOHIC) MUHAS and COHASO.

In another project as a part of AMRLEP I wish to engage in a project with a title Dawa Zetu means Our Medicine with the general theme corrects and accessible information to the community on the use and storage of antibiotics also on the disposal of unused antibiotics in curbing antimicrobial resistance AMR from January 2022.