Kyembe Ignitius Salachi

My key takeaways in the AMRLEP are that AMR is a potent issue that needs the application of one health as a comprehensive solution. I have also learnt that youths have to take responsibility within their spheres/areas of influence in order to curb the spread of AMR.Futhermore, through the AMRLEP, I have come to appreciate more on design system thinking and how we can apply it in combating AMR.Nonetheless, AMRLEP has been an interactive and mind-blowing platform to engage and collaborate with other like minds in championing AMR.

After been exposed to such a platform I have been challenged to be an AMR champion within my reach. However, one of the activities that I intend on engaging myself in combating AMR is raising Awareness on the One Health Approach through collaboration with other stakeholders in my country.

                     Together we can resist the Resistance