Through the AMRLEP sessions I have learned more about Anti-Microbial Resistance and what I could contribute in the fight against it and how urgent this is. I have learned about the different research that has been carried out and what I can do to contribute to that. Through this course I have not only built scientific knowledge but also self-awareness and personal branding this has enabled me to gain more confidence in who I am. I am grateful to ReACT Africa for having given me an opportunity to be part of the first cohort of AMRLEP, Thank you so much.

After AMRLEP I have been engaged in the leadership of the AMR stewardship at MUST and drafting of the constitution. I have also participated in online campaigns sensitizing people about AMR. I intend to carryout research to establish more data about the state of Uganda in regards to AMR and educate the general public with specific target being the patients that come to MRRH.

QUOTE: AMR is a silent Tsunami but with joint effort we can combat it.