The summary of my learning points from the program includes causes of AMR, impact of AMR among humans, the common pillars of national action plans of different countries extracted from the global action plan, one health approach in combating the development of AMR since human, animal and environment health are interconnected, developing projects addressing AMR for example through design and system thinking, proper planning, monitoring and evaluation of those projects. Leadership skills from this program such as personal branding, communication skills for example those sessions where I have been modulating discussions in break out zoom rooms.

 I have been passing on AMR knowledge on my social media platforms such as twitter, I have been ensuing infection prevention and control, prescribing antibiotics only when needed. I intend to continue doing the same, in addition implement our group project next year and lastly do some research about the extent of knowledge of AMR in the educated population, usage of ceftriaxone and azithromycin in my training hospital.

This has been an iceberg for the future better management of my patients and community at large.