Jimmy Nkaiwuatei

a)     Summary of key learning points from the AMRLEP program.

Since the beginning of the AMR leaders program, I have been gaining new knowledge in every session that was conducted, these include; the short AMR in which I learned the factors attributing antimicrobial resistance, the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, alternatives to antibiotics. Some of these topics programme more particularly on the alternatives to antibiotics stimulated my interest into research. Additionally, this programme has greatly transformed my leadership skills and strategies. Design thinking and Systems thinking, research policy in AMR, harnessing leadership skills for sustainable engagement, among other sessions, greatly influenced my personal capacity development in the efforts against AMR.

b)    Summary of the AMR work engaged in/ intent to engage after the AMRLEP sensitization sessions.

I have been engaged in AMR sensitization activities including awareness creation, training and research advocacy. I intent to engage more in research for innovation against AMR mitigation.

Innovation of antibiotics and the Dilemma of Access and Excess’.