Emmanuel Adamolekun


I got to know about the Antimicrobial resistance Leaders Program (AMRLEP) through twitter, I saw the
advert and I took a stop to apply for the program. The Program has improved my knowledge in
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), I now have a broader understanding of AMR, its burden and impact on
Public health. The Program also exposed me to the inter-disciplinary approach in combating this global
menace called AMR. The program provided me an excellent platform to learn some soft skills such as
Project management, work ethics and teamwork.

The AMRLEP provided me an opportunity to interact and network with other young leaders, experts and
seniors in the field of AMR.
My experience attending the early morning lecture sessions and rigourous assignments during the
program was challenging but educative, inspiring, and impacting.
AMRLEP has taught me a first-hand experience on to conceptualize, design, plan and implement a
project successful. I have also learnt to collaborate with other students and professionals from different

Summary of activities done during AMRLEP

We were tasked to organise a program to commemorate the 2021 World Antimicrobial Awareness
Week which I and other AMRLEP fellows (Dr Oluwatosin Ajayi and Ruth Ketty Kisuza) teamed up to do.

 This initiative brought over 100 students and youths across Africa together via WhatsApp
platform to orient them about Antimicrobial resistance.
 We also engage the public through our online campaign against AMR
 We held a Webinar which include panel discussions via Zoom. The Webinar was tagged
“Leveraaging inter-professional approach to spread awareness and stop Antimicrobial

The objective of this initiative:

 To make the students and youth aware of their roles to combat this global health menace
through One health approach, Antimicrobial Stewardship, and advocacy.

We had exciting result from the program:

 We had over 100 students and young professionals educated and inspired to be actively
involved in the fight against AMR.
 We also created a successful public awareness of AMR through our online campaign.

Despite the success of the WAAW`21 celebration, we faced few challenges such as funds and time
After the AMRLEP, I create a Data Driven initiative to combat AMR in my country Nigeria, this would go a
long way to improve AMR Surveillance and Diagnosis in the country. I also look forward to maximizing
the relationship gained during the program to improve my professional development, network and

Original Quote:
The fight against Antimicrobial Resistance is the fight for one and all.