Carolyne   Nyamor

The antimicrobial leadership program provided a wide range of knowledge and skill on AMR and its prevention. Antimicrobials allow mankind to prevent and survive serious infections. If microbes acquire mutations, they may evade antimicrobial killing mechanism and become resistant. Therefore there is need for proper use of AMR.

If antimicrobials are misused, it can lead to a devastating impact on public health where mankind and animals are at the mercy of the pathogens that develops resistance to all microbe’s.  Effective advocacy, communication, education and training empowerment and networking can lead to improved understanding of antimicrobial resistance.                                                                                                                                                                    

After the AMR sensitization program, I started with self-training on proper use and prescription of antimicrobials.  I plan to Improving awareness among colleagues, health workers and communities through training and education to fight AMR.

! lets silence the silent pandemic !