The AMRLEP program enlightened me on a number of things concerning Antimicrobial resistance. These include but are not limited to how microorganisms become resistant to drugs, human practices that promote resistance, the burden of antimicrobial resistance, the interventions that have currently been put in place to fight antimicrobial resistance, the gap that is existing with regards to the fight against antimicrobial resistance, the national action plans against antimicrobial Resistance of different African countries and the possible interventions that can be put in place to end antimicrobial resistance.

I also learnt a number of skills from this program and these include Research and social accountability, policy development process, design thinking process, project planning and development to mention but a few.

I am an AMR STEWARD at my campus (Mbarara University of science and technology).  Together with other stewards, we have always spread awareness about Antimicrobial resistance to students through social media platforms.

I intend to continue spreading awareness and engage in research regarding Antimicrobial resistance. And also in a few years after I have actively joined national politics and secured a position at the helms of leadership of my country Uganda, I will see to it that the fight against Antimicrobial resistance is a priority when it comes to drafting policies.

Thank you so much REACT and SAS AFRICA.

Special thanks also goes to SIDA and Uppsala University.