I can’t fully express my gratitude to the conveners of this wonderful program. It has really helped me in many ways, opened my eyes to many things. It has created in me a moral conscience that tends to guide my activities, ethically. The program really imbibed in me, a craving to promote antimicrobial stewardship, and infection prevention and control.

                           With knowledge harnessed from the program, I currently work to promote proper gut health management in chickens and pigs. I also work with ruminants alike. I learnt in the program that microorganisms will always become resistant even without the use of antimicrobials. Resistance is innate for survival. This reminds me of the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation of farm premises. I also use antibiotics for animals rationally, I don’t treat with antibiotics unless there is an indication. I also promote the use of diagnostics, as there is more to what we see; the “Iceberg” illustration.

                          I intend to take my actions to the next level by doing more hands-on-ground activities with farmers. It’s important. I want farmers to get the best of their inputs, and the consumers likewise, I want them to eat good and healthy food with their money.

An inspiration from the program: Let’s heal the world together; it’s a joint venture to make it a better place for all.