Anastacia Sebbowa Nabyonga

Key takeaways from AMRLEP.

Never be afraid to think big, during Dr. Kabali’s presentation, he highlighted the fact that some of the things that he once thought were fiction growing up are inexistence right now. The technological and scientific breakthroughs occur daily. I should think of any possible solutions in the fight against AMR not limited by the fear that somethings are impossible at this time.

Scientific jargon is good too scientists but not for policy makers and communities in which you want to take action. It is important to break down information for policy makers to know how easily to act (what is the problem, what can be done about it, what are the requirements to carry out the solution, how can we evaluate and monitor the solution). Active involvement of policy makers is crucial in the fight against AMR making it all the more important to break it down for easy implementation.

Original quote

If I care about AMR and inspire someone else to care then I will have created a ripple effect that will change the course of the fight against AMR.