While undertaking the AMRLEP program, I have gained a lot of knowledge in regards to anti-microbial resistance, AMR and been challenged as well to be innovative in a move to fight AMR.

I have gained knowledge about the following;

Different target sites of anti-microbial agents on  cells of microorganisms for example the cell wall and membrane or nucleus

Mechanisms of development of AMR for example change of target sites, use of efflux pumps, mutation of organisms and production of inactivating enzymes.

Practices that facilitate AMR development like irrational use of anti-microbial agents

Different measures being taken to fight AMR for example vaccination, maintaining proper hygiene, taking antibiotics only when necessary.

I have also got knowledge about different action plans adopted by different nations in an effort to fight AMR though most of the work remains on paper due to high costs of implementation.

I have known about the huge data gap in Africa about AMR that necessitates research so as to be filled

I have been empowered with skills to fight AMR and this fired our project idea aimed at increasing sensitization and awareness about AMR since this still remains a big gap.