Amuzah Nshabaruhanga

One of the best things to ever happen to me was enrolling for the AMRLEP program. I have always been passionate about AMR. AMR is an emerging pandemic of public health importance. It is estimated that, resistant bacteria already cause more than 750,000 deaths every year and it is predicted to cause an estimated 10 million deaths per year by 2050. 

The AMRLEP program came when I needed it most. It has helped me gain a firm foundation and confidence to be at the forefront of fighting antimicrobial resistance. I will be able to contribute to reversing the resistance trend by applying the knowledge and skills during this program. Skills such as one health concept and project planning came handy during AMLEP program.

I will be a champion in fighting AMR. Together with colleagues, we intend to do a project about setting up a medicines and therapeutics committee in a Kalisizo Hospital, Uganda and advocate for rational medicine use that will ultimately contribute to fighting AMR. We intend to scale up the project to include other health facilities countrywide.

“AMR is eroding the effectiveness of the miracle drugs. Fight it”