A short summary of your key learnings / key takeaways from the AMRLEP program

  • The AMRLEP has had a solid impact on my experiences and knowledge as a champion in the fight against AMR. One of the key takeaways from the program is the fact that AMR is increasingly becoming less of a “silent tsumani” but rather a major global health challenge that needs urgent and coordinated response. Through this program, I have been challenged by the course content and sessions from multiple speakers who are leaders and change makers in the field. As I progress in my AMR career, I will continue to am embracing opportunities to engage in dialogue with other Champions from across the continent, harness the upcoming opportunities contributing to my communities’ AMR response and engage with experienced professionals.

Summary of any AMR work you have been engaged in or intend to do after the AMRLEP sensitization sessions

  • I hope to expand work on AMR in Tanzania, with a focus on research as well as AMR awareness raising activities at grassroots level

Please share one short sentence or an original quote from you one inspired by the AMRLEP

  • As a young leader passionate about AMR, I can confidently say that I am in a unique position to make significant contributions in preserving antimicrobials to ensure the availability of effective medicines for all.