Akampumuza Davis

AMR online course has taught me deeper understanding of what antimicrobial resistance means, causes, risk factors, treatment and prevention. More so, AMR is a growing pandemic worldwide and has become a health threat and concern day in day out. Unless fought against, AMR levels will shoot so high by 2050.

I have also learnt that AMR can be tackled at local, national and international levels. It can also be minimized through;

  • Promoting awareness through civic education
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  •  Research and drug discovery
  • One health approach
  • Advocacy and research studies especially on pathogens that are highly resistant
  • Improving diagnostic techniques and equipment in hospitals, also in animals and aquaculture

With all these interventions in place, AMR will be history only and the achievements and goals will be met.

After AMR completing this short course, I hope to educate and provide information about AMR to communities by engaging the youths and VHTs. This will promote awareness and fight AMR.

Original quote

AMR can be overturned by Preventing, slowing and controlling the spread of resistant organisms.