ADERIBIGBE, Adewale Lanre.

Summary of AMRLEP program: I am very excited to be presented with an opportunity to be part of AMRLEP. An atmosphere clouded with individuals who have the same enthusiasm to tackle the current global threat. I look forward to connecting with others who desire to making the world a better place.

Summary of AMR work:   Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) goes to School

AMR goes to school is a student-run advocacy which works with and supports the global efforts of WHO in preventing  antimicrobial resistance as a Global  health threat which could cause 10million  deaths each year by 2050. This project is targeted at Secondary school students In Nigeria. It is believed amongst alot of professionals and thoughtful leaders that the very next Generation of career professional are basically still high school students.

Through speaker events, film screening, poster presentations, fundraisers, discussion forum and long-term collaboration with various secondary schools. We seek to raise awareness on AMR and its associated challenges, educate high school students on sustainable ways to engage with global health, creation of AMR clubs and mobilize those that are passionate about this cause towards meaningful impact. By 2025, this project is expected to reach about 5,000 students at a ratio of 50students per school as we intend to carry out this exercise in a total of hundred schools.

AMRLEP QUOTES: Tackling AMR is our duty and responsibility, be part of the move.