Through this AMR online course, I have been able to get deeper understanding of what antimicrobial resistance means, how it comes about and how it can be stopped or slowed down. I have also learnt that AMR is a growing pandemic of global health concern if not tackled early enough.

I have also learnt that AMR can be tackled at local, national and international levels. It can also be minimized through;

  • Research and drug discovery
  • Promoting awareness through civic education
  • One health approach
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Advocacy and research studies especially on pathogens that are highly resistant
  • Improving diagnostic techniques and equipment in hospitals, also in animals and aquaculture

With all these interventions in place, AMR will in the near future become history and achievement per health goals.

After AMR sensitization sessions, I intend to continuously do civic education starting with my family, patients and health workers I meet in my practice as a nurse and also community health gatherings I will be able to attend.

Original quote

AMR is a beatable health challenge given one health approach is exercised.