Adamu Ibrahim

Summary of key takeaways from AMRLEP program: In AMRLEP I have gain a clear understanding of the concept, gaps, trends and challenges forced by the drug resistance microbial strains which ranges from medical angle, to economic and sustainable livelihood spheres. I realized that to prevent the outbreak of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Pandemic, there’s need for multifaceted actions; professionals must collaborate and work together towards tackling the menace, governments needs to urgently improve and invest more in implementation of AMR National Action Plans (NAPs), students and researchers should engage more in researches and innovations to improve surveillance, drug discovery, novel rapid diagnostics, and alternatives to current antimicrobials. At my country level – Nigeria, the need for urgent government effort towards supporting, promoting and regulating microbiological practice cannot be overemphasize. This can be achieved by legal establishment of regulatory council, investing in microbiological research and innovation, promoting and professionalizing the practice of microbiology. This, will of no doubt go a long way in mitigating and reducing the threat and burden forced by AMR to the country. There is also need for reviewing the NAPs and making some necessary adjustments incorporated with commitments towards achieving the desired goals.

As a Microbiology student, I will make sure that I play my role to the best of my ability towards finding solutions to AMR.