How do we communicate about AMR effectively especially in the online spaces? Wellcome Trust came up with a guiding document.  Check it out below

This framework identifies key leaning outcomes appropriate to different age groups that are applicable across a diverse range of settings and learning environments. It can be used as tool for structuring curricula and learning activities. It is aimed at teachers, educators, research scientists, and informal learning providers to enable them enhance understanding of young people on:

Learning outcomes for ages 6 – 10
Learning Outcomes for ages 11-14
Learning Outcomes for ages 11-14

This communication toolkit defines AMR and equips doctors and patients with key facts in an accessible format, and is free for anyone to use to raise AMR awareness in their communities. It can be tailored to a particular target group.

Interested in carrying out a community project on AMR? Then, this handbook is for you. This handbook was developed under the project, “Developing Community-Led Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance: Building a One Health Approach in Low and Middle Income Countries” implemented by University of Leeds and many partners with a One Health Approach.